Blackfinch Adapt IHT Service

Business Relief-qualifying investments in as little as two years


What is the Adapt IHT Service?

With more estates paying Inheritance Tax (IHT) every year, finding flexible ways to help clients mitigate an IHT bill, without losing control over their wealth, can be a challenge. Our flagship IHT solution uses Business Relief (BR) for a swifter route to IHT exemption. Clients benefit from owning a portfolio of BR-qualifying investments across four distinct asset classes: property development finance, asset-backed lending, renewable energy investment, and forestry investment. 

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Key Benefits



Investments in the service become exempt from IHT after just two years – provided the shares are still held at the time of death.


The service targets a net annual return of 3.5% - 5%.

There’s no annual management fee and no dealing fees on exit in the event of death.

Dealing fees will be refunded should an investor die within two years of the BR-qualifying period start date.**


Clients retain access to and control of their wealth. They can take regular payments, or make full or partial withdrawals if their circumstances change.*

* Any withdrawals from the service will no longer qualify for IHT relief and are subject to available liquidity.

** Note: This will apply to the initial, additional investments and exit dealing fee that fall within that two year investment period, not interim withdrawals.

One BR-qualifying portfolio with a broad range of investments

Property Development Finance 
We work closely with property developers around the UK, providing finance ranging from £1m-£25m. We typically provide loans for new-build projects, redevelopments and major renovation works. We invest across sectors and regions, in everything from eco-flats to care homes. 

Asset-Backed Lending 
We provide asset-backed finance from £500k up to £25m for business and property deals, where the lending is typically secured against a building, land or business holding. We focus on financing in established sectors with reputable partners that share our ESG principles.  

Renewable Energy Investment 
We’re a leading investor in renewable energy projects, with more than 53 solar and wind energy sites nationwide. These energy-producing assets – many of which still benefit from government subsidies – provide our investors with stable revenues and predictable returns as well as portfolio diversity.  

Forestry Investment 
Our most recent investment area involves acquiring a portfolio of UK woodland that contains an assortment of different tree varieties, all of which will fulfil the strong commercial demand for UK timber. The woodlands will be responsibly managed to support regional biodiversity and comply with Forestry Commission sustainability standards. 

Adapt IHT Service: Tax Benefits

Investments in the Adapt IHT Service can qualify for up to 100% relief from IHT after just two years, provided it is still held at the time of death.  

In contrast, gift and trust arrangements can take up to seven years to achieve full exemption.

Benefits of tax-efficient investments are subject to change and personal circumstances