Blackfinch Adapt IHT Portfolios

Business Relief qualifying investments in as little as two years


What is an Adapt IHT investment?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) legislation, set against property values, means this tax remains a challenge for many. Our flagship IHT solution uses Business Relief (BR) for a swifter route to IHT exemption. Each client can choose from four model portfolios accessing BR-qualifying investments across opportunities in real assets.

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Key Benefits



Clients have the choice of four model portfolios. This means each can find what's right for them in terms of sustainable investing, their overall objectives and their risk profile.


We only take an annual management fee of 0.5% +VAT after we have achieved the minimum target return on the model portfolio that a client selects.


Clients retain access to and control of capital, enabling withdrawals if their situation changes. They can also take regular payments or leave capital invested.

Four portfolios offering variety to suit different needs

Ethical: focus mainly on renewables and low carbon projects, target return of 3%*

Balanced: focus on capital preservation, target return of 4%*

Balanced Growth: focus on capital preservation with growth, target return 4.5%*

Growth: focus on growth, target return of 5%+*

*All target returns are net of costs and charges

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Adapt IHT Tax Benefits

BR qualifying in as little as two years and if held at the time of death, mitigating IHT