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Preserving Family Wealth

Offering a range of evolved investment solutions

We help to protect people’s legacies so future generations can thrive. Unlike traditional solutions, our products, based on Business Relief, offer flexibilty and control. As a tax-efficient investment specialist we adapt to policy changes and customer needs. We continually evolve our products to offer next-generation solutions.

Adapt IHT Portfolios – An Ethically Focused IHT Offering

Our flagship Inheritance Tax (IHT) solution is well established. It offers return potential and competitive charges alongside a route to IHT relief. Four model portfolios cater to the need for diverse, ethically focused IHT offerings. The Ethical portfolio invests mainly in renewables and low carbon projects, targeting a return of 3% p.a.

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Adapt AIM Portfolios – An ISA-Friendly IHT Solution

Investing in growing firms listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) brings ISA eligibility and return potential, while targeting IHT relief. Holding investments in an ISA also makes for further tax efficiencies. Our partnership with smaller company specialists Chelverton ensures highly diversified portfolios relative to other providers.

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Thrive CMS – A Bespoke Tax-Efficient Service for Businesses

We offer the Thrive Corporate Management Service (CMS) to businesses, helping owners put excess cash to work through lending. This enables them to maintain tax reliefs, while targeting a competitive return. As a bespoke service, the Thrive CMS isn’t an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme (UCIS). This non-UCIS status is an advantage for advisers.

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