Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios

Investing in early-stage technology firms around the UK


Investing in Innovation

The Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios are our open offering as a provider of Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) services. We have a strong track record in EIS, having previously raised funding across sectors. We’re passionate about supporting new firms as they grow.


Technology Focus

We invest in forward-thinking new technology companies. Firms operate across sectors, with offerings based on ground-breaking new concepts, using dedicated technology. With the potential to change the way we live and work, they’re set to make an impact in global markets.

High-Growth Opportunities

We target higher returns of 3x on investment, focused on successful outcomes for clients and companies. We identify firms early in their life and invest before they take off. We work closely with firms, from investment to development to exit. Risk management is key to our strategy.

EIS explained simply - watch our short video

With Consumer Duty rules high on the agenda for financial advisers, it’s essential to help clients gain a better understanding of any tax-efficient investments you discuss, so they have confidence in your advice and the products you recommend.

This Blackfinch Ventures EIS video, part of our Unpacked Series, is a great starting point when discussing the Enterprise Investment Scheme and reasons why clients should consider an investment in an EIS-qualifying portfolio. It features all the information clients need to know, including the tax incentives they can claim, how long investors can expect to hold their EIS shares, and the fees and charges they can expect to pay,

The video also outlines why the Blackfinch Ventures team invests in a portfolio of technology-driven early-stage companies, as well as what makes the Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios a unique investment offering in the EIS marketplace. 

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EIS Tax Benefits

Up to 30% Income Tax relief

100% Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemption on qualifying investments in as little as two years (and if held at time of death)

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) deferral relief (up to three years prior to investment and up to one year in advance)

Growth free of CGT

Offsetting of capital losses up to 45%

Carry back to previous tax year (for Income Tax relief)

Benefits of tax-efficient investments are subject to change and personal circumstances


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