Thrive Corporate Management Service

A Bespoke Tax-Efficient Service for Businesses


Managing Surplus Cash

Excess cash is a luxury few firms can afford. It can also lead to HMRC restricting tax reliefs including Business Relief (BR). Through the Thrive Corporate Management Service (CMS) we work with management to put cash to work in qualifying trades. We develop a bespoke lending programme, targeting strong returns. As cash stays inside the firm, owners stay in control.


Key Benefits

Enhanced Returns

Clients can deploy surplus cash into leading activities targeting competitive discrete returns of 4%-6% per year. These are net of all fees with no upper limit.

Ease of Access

If clients wish to exit loans, we'll access our lender network, looking to sell on their behalf. As an indication rather than guarantee, we have previously completed this in 2-4 weeks.


All lending is asset-backed and focused on capital protection. We generally only accept security that we take on a first-charge basis over land, buildings and other assets.

Thrive CMS Tax Benefits:

BR-qualifying in as little as two years and if held at the time of death, mitigating IHT

Growth free from Capital Gains Tax

Benefits of tax-efficient investments are subject to change and personal circumstances

Non-UCIS Solution Supports Advisers

The Thrive CMS isn’t an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme (UCIS). There's no 'collective’ as we're offering a tailored service for each client, where they select their loans and their target return. As advisers aren't usually insured to write UCIS business i.e. with professional indemnity insurance, this non-UCIS status can aid your work with clients.